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Pages tagged "Native Plants and Wildlife"

Return to the Deep

A Green Turtle returns to the sea floor after gulping a breath of air from the surface. The barnacles did not appear to cause any issues for comfort or speed. The turtles are highly vulnerable to plastics in the ocean, and this is another reason to be careful not to litter, and use biodegradable packaging where possible. The turtle subsequently ate a big jellyfish, which is probably very tasty, if you are a turtle. Read more

You Shall Not Pass!

Two Huntsman spiders face off on a tree branch on the slopes of Mount Cootha. We spotted this pair when the spider on the left was waving its leg around, preparing to do battle. The Huntsman spiders are active at night and we are lucky to have these interesting beasts roaming the forests (and preferably not the bedroom.) Read more

Hoya Australis Flowers

This beautiful native Hoya grows in my backyard and flowers every year. Read more

Stream Lily, Lamington National Park

This is a Helmholtzia glaberrima (Stream Lily) which grows along side the picturesque waterfalls in Lamington National Park. Read more

Marching on the Bay

An army of light-blue soldier crabs (Mictyris longicarpus) marching through the sandy intertidal areas of Moreton Bay. These swarms of crabs are a nostalgic memory for many Queenslanders, as both people and crabs explore the exposed areas during low tides. Read more

Spinifex Sunset

The sun setting across the channel country spinifex. Read more

You Looking At Me

A Peron's tree frog (Litoria peronii), also known as the emerald-spotted tree frog, getting ready to jump looking for an evening meal. Read more

Thick-Tailed Gecko

A beautiful thick-tailed gecko (Underwoodisaurus milii) coming out at night looking for food posing on the sandstone rocks close to Isla Gorge National Park. Read more


Pademelons passing the time. Read more

All The Colours Of A Rainbow

The light was just right to capture the vibrant colours of the rainbow lorikeet eating from the colvillea racemosa flowers. Lorikeets are such a common sight in Brisbane that I take for granted just how beautiful they precious jewels shining amongst the foliage. Read more